This list is intended as a resource of helpful links to anyone interested in learning how to create their own video game. The links are for the tools and vendors that I am using to help me create my game. I also have links to some useful video tutorials that I found helpful. I even have links to others people’s list of links! This is not a static page. I will be adding more links as I continue development of my own game.

Unity Game Engine: There are other good game engines, but this is my favorite and the one I am using to create my game.

Blender: This is a very good 3D model editor, it is open source, so the price is right.

Edy’s Vehicle Physics If you are creating a unity game, and you want cars in your game, then you will want to take a look. I purchased the less expensive package for my game, and it is fantastic.

Allegorithmic: This is the company that makes Substance Painter and Substance Designer. It cost $20 a month for an indie license, but it is worth it. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and also restart a canceled subscription. You will need textures for your game models, and while there are other ways to create textures, Substance Painter is a little bit of awesome.

How to use Normal Maps in Substance Painter: If you have substance painter and plan on using it with Unity, you will want to watch this video.

Substance Painter Texturing for Beginners: I good place to start with Substance Painter.

Video on how to create a glass panel using Substance Painter I have not created my own glass panel yet, but when the time comes I will be back here watching this one myself.

Free Unity Assets Mega List: Someone else’s list of links. Lots of interesting stuff.

Blender Tutorial Videos: A very good series of videos on learning Blender by Darrin Lile.

Blender Tutorial Videos: A good series from Karl Coombs about modeling a fish in Blender. The 3rd video talks about UV unwrapping and does a good job of explaining some of the challenges involved in creating a good UV layout.

Blender Tutorial Video: Tutorial on how to model a soccer ball.

Vector Math Tutorial: Unity Vector classes handle vector math for you, but if you are like me and want a better understanding of what unity is doing behind the scenes, this tutorial will introduce you to the actual math.

Blender UV Tricks: Good information on using Blender’s UV unwrap tools.

Catlike Coding: Great unity tutorials, most of them over my head, but reading even the ones over my head gave me a stronger understanding of some concepts that I really had no understanding of before. I highly recommend reading for anyone interested in game programming.

Retopology in Blender: A great method for retoplogoy in Blender.