Wamfish World – The New Story

In my previous blog post, I had announced and then I canceled a story line that I had created for my game. I have decided instead to go with a simplified scenario that leaves all the same game elements of the previous story, but with a greatly simplified back story.

When the user starts the game he will be given a screen where he has to login to Westerfield Animatronics server. Once the player clicks the login button, a connection screen will be displayed:

Welcome to Westerfield Animatronics!

We are connecting you to your remote account for Model: Fish-2065

Please wait …

When the connection is established, the user now controls his Animatronic fish and its companion orb. The user receives a constant video feed of what the fish sees, and can also switch to the orb’s camera for viewing. You have complete control over moving your fish about, using a number of different methods of transportation.

Even though the fish is hundreds of thousands of miles from earth, thanks to the quantum communication device that WA invented, you have near instantaneous control and feedback from your fish/orb combo.

Your fish is in a large dome in space, something like a large football stadium. You are paying Westerfield Animatronics large sums of money for the privilege of owning your own world, so what you do with your expensive toy is pretty much up to you.

Now if you are like me, you might be thinking: How do know that Westerfield Animatronics is actually connecting you to a remote world. They could be faking the whole thing by using some fancy computer animation system? Aha!

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