Wamfish World – Chapter 1

Sadly this will be the first and last chapter of the book. You see I have been working on several story lines for my video game. I had thought I was going to use the below story line, but I ended up changing my mind.

The problem is not so much with Chapter 1, but the back story behind it. You see WAM stood for “We Are Mars”, and our new orb friends have recently blown up Earth. And while Wamfish thinks he is just a fish, WAM actually wired him up to a brain harvested from a dead human. Sort of like a human brain – fish hybrid.

Given that I will be targeting K-6 for at least the educational games, I decided maybe that the back story was going to be a bit much for young kids. I am going a slightly different direction with my game instead.

I would like to thank my author/sister Aretta for her time in helping me edit my first draft. Not wanting to waste the effort that went into creating Chapter 1, here it is for posterity’s sake:

Wamfish World

Chapter 1 – March 1, 2065:

This is a story about a friend of mine. His name is Wamfish.

Seven years ago there was a fish just swimming, along enjoying the sunny day. The water was so warm and crystal clear that the little fish couldn’t help but feel content to be alive on such a beautiful day.

As he swam along, he began to hear a beeping noise in the distance. Being a very curious little fellow, he quickened his strokes and set out to search for what was making the noise.  As his fins quickly moved through the water, the sound became louder and louder.  Just as he reached the location where the sound was almost deafening, it stopped.

The little fish circled around several times, straining to hear the sound that had brought him to this location. He was just about to head in another direction when a loud clanging shook the waters. The sun disappeared and it became pitch dark. The little fish was afraid and knew this was no place for him to be!

He desperately wanted to swim away, but it was so dark he didn’t know which way to go.  His heart began to pound when as the water began making a swooshing sound all around him. The fish could now feel the water rushing past his body.  He was terrified when he tried to turn and swim away, but his attempt was useless.  He was powerless against the strong force that was pulling him further into the darkness. Just when he was certain he would be completely consumed by the force, he popped out of the stream and landed in a small bowl of water.

The little fish swam furiously around trying to figure out where he was. He was trapped! Trapped in a bowl of water. He looked through the thick glass and saw that he was in a room.  He could see two mechanical-like orbs flying around the room.  Although he couldn’t understand what they were saying, he could tell the two orbs were talking to each other.

One of the orbs saw the fish and flew over to investigate. As it looked into the bowl, the fish could see a device on the underside of the orb that moved about and looked like a small flashlight. The orb pointed this device at the fish, and then a bright, red light flashed on which first stunned the little fish and then within seconds he was totally knocked out.

When the fish came to, he noticed the orbs were again moving about the room. Suddenly something odd began to happen.  The fish could see flashing lights and faded images.  He could tell these images were not part of the outside world, it was as if his brain was generating them and then showing them to him outside his bowl

The orbs were still moving about, and talking with each other, but this time, the words were starting to make sense to the fish. He now could understand exactly what they were saying.

“No, no, no!” One of the orbs shouted.

“Yes! It will work,” the other orb said.

“Hey! Can you hear me?” The fish asked loudly.

One of the orbs turned towards the bowl and said, “Hello!”  He then looked at the other orb and said, “See!  I told you it would work.

I don’t understand where I am,” the fish said. “What is this place?”

“Don’t be afraid.  I will help you on your way,” the orb said.

Then the other orb chimed in, “See, I told you.  Useless!”

“No, this is good!  You will see!”

The fish realized there was something very different about himself now. These orbs had obviously done something to him. Somehow they gave him the knowledge he never had before. “Who or rather what are you?” The fish asked as he continued to gaze through the glass of his bowl.

“I am WAM!” said the orb.

“We are WAM!” The other orb corrected.

“What is WAM?” The fish asked, still very confused.

“We are WAM,” the orb said.

“Yes, yes. We are WAM. Busy, busy. Many things to do, must go!” The other orb said as he flew out of sight.

The little fish then wondered who or what he was.  He didn’t seem to know anymore.  “Who am I?”  He asked the remaining orb.  “What is my name?”

“Name?  You do not have a name.”

“Then what am I?”

“You are a fish, but together we are WAM-fish,” the orb said.

“Is that my name?” The fish asked.

“Sure. If you like, I will call you Wamfish.”

“Thank you. I like my name. I am Wamfish!” He said as he swam around the bowl, no longer afraid.  Having a name made him happy.

“You have much to learn, but I am here to help you. Are you ready to get started?”

Wamfish was starting to like his new home, and even though he did not know WAM very well, he was beginning to like him as well.  “Yes, I am ready to learn. Let’s get started!”

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