Slight Change of Direction

The last week or so I have been thinking a lot about the best way to proceed with my little project. The one thing I figured out for sure is that for my game I had my goals backward.

Originally, I wanted to create a full blown open world game called “Wamfish World”. This game would have all the tools needed for players to create their own custom worlds and to share those worlds with others. Those tools could also be used to create custom worlds that provided educational content as well.

The epiphany for me was I needed reverse that and start with creating small mini games that have educational value, and then use what I build along the way to help me create the full game. This will allow me to have a sense of accomplishment when I complete the mini games, and that should help to keep me motivated to produce more content.

Hmmm. So I guess its time to get started on “Wamfish Learns to Count”.

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